Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Books for womb twin survivors: Untwinned

UNTWINNED - The first book in the Womb Twin series took two years to create. At that time I had  a whole lot of information about womb twin survivors, but most importantly,  I discovered many other people, better qualified than me, who were discovering the same things. They were qualified in their own fields and worth taking notice of, so I supposed that a housewife sitting at her computer in St Albans could not be the author of any kind of book at that stage, but an anthology of peices written by reputable people from around the world may help to put these ideas on to a sound footing.

On the same day in 2006 I came up with two ideas, both of which came to fruition in 2007: an anthology of articles about womb twin survivors and an organisation to support them, Womb Twin - but more of that later. 

No one had to my knowledge published a book about womb twin survivors before: this would be a first.

I started off with the title "Being Gemini"  but that sounded a bit too New Age and not perhaps what I wanted to convey. Then the word "Untwinned" appeared by some mysterious means one day, when I was browsing the Net. Although it is a word usually applied to crystals, the word spoke volumes about it is like to be a womb twin survivor.

I arranged for a press release to be sent out, and in the early days of 2007 the book was made available to the world by print on demand (Lighting Source)   and can be ordered anywhere, even in Australia! It also sells online via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and via my own little publishing business, Wren Publications.

It is still a good seller, and has proven to be an excellent idea, establishing a sound scientific basis for what seems at first to be a ridiculous idea: that the loss of a twin before birth can have a profound effect on the sole survivor.

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