Saturday, August 20, 2011

Information for womb twin survivors: an introduction

In 2003 after almost two years of research I decided I had enough to go on to put something into print. I made several failed attempts to create a book, but I still had some material that would be useful, and I had written a lot for the womb twin web site, which was developing rapidly as my research widened in scope. So I compiled an introduction to the whole idea: it was my first publication in this subject.
After  a year or two I made this a free download, so that anyone who is interested can read more.

Download your copy now

This document is the first port of call for anyone who is just beginning their exploration into being a womb twin survivor.  Messages of thanks and relief began to come in on a regular basis.

One person wrote that they had been looking for something like this for years.  People felt validated, supported, helped and encouraged.

As a writer who had published several books and had a small business selling them, as a qualified counsellor and a womb twin survivor myself, I was in a very good position to meet a crying need for good quality, reliable well researched information.  I decided to meet that need.

I resolved in 2003 that I would dedicate the next ten years to writing about womb twin survivors, so this is how the Womb twin Survivors Reserach project began.

Visit my web site today to see how far we have come!

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