Sunday, August 28, 2011

The womb twin kids project - Koko's Magical Gift

The children who can read, aged 5-8, are at a very different stage from the preschoolers so the Two little Birds may not be quite enough. They need a more complex story, with perhaps an interactive element.

On this page of the Womb Twin Kids web site  there are details of just such a workbook.

Children of this age often create for themselves an imaginary friend, as a twin replacement.  This is a healthy enough way to cope with their loss, but with a little understanding and support, the imaginary friend (KOKO) can in turn be replaced by real friends. 

There is a word search, a chance to stick photos and drawings onto the pages and pictures to make and colour. Designed to be used with parents, this can act as a useful tool to enable parents to speak to their children about their twin in a positive and creative way.

At the end if the story, the emptiness inside which so many womb twin survivors feel, is filled up by Kokos magical gift. What is that gift? It is a secret, but womb twin survivors know when it has been granted, and by the end if this book  that will have happened.

This will be published as an inexpensive booklet.  You can order an advance copy today by using this form.

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