Monday, August 29, 2011

The womb twin kids project - We Are Womb Twin Survivors

To produce a book for young womb twin survivors aged about 8-11 is difficult. At this age there is  great curiosity about the biology of the whole thing but not the emotional maturity to work though the feelings.

Still in its infancy and not yet completed, this book will be a collection of stories about young womb twin survivors for womb twin survivors. ( see here)

The article about womb twin survivors on my web site gives a list of common characteristics of young womb twin survivors, any one of which may be apparent by this age.
  • My child is very sensitive to atmosphere
  • My child does not like to sleep alone in the dark
  • My child is unusually aware of how people are feeling
  • My child has a rich, creative imagination
  • My child talks a lot about death and dying
  • My child loves animals and yearns for a pet
  • My child is different from other children
  • My child seems to have “been here before”
  • My child has an imaginary friend
  • My child is interested in spirituality
  • My child often seems lost and alone
  • My child is hypersensitive
Above all,  the young womb twin survivor is reacting normally to a rather unusual pre-birth situation.

In reading these stories written by other womb twin survivors about their childhood experiences, they can see that they are normal. They can know that their strange feelings and ideas of being a twin are shared by others.   They are not to be laughed at or described as weird.  The book will also provide some simple biological facts about twinning and clear diagrams, to help readers begin to understand what really happened in the womb before they were born, like this:
I have 12 stories so far but I need more. If you remember clearly how it was to be a young womb twin survivor, then please share your story with me, so I can publish it with the others to help young womb twin survivors.  I will do all the editing and proofing, so there is no need for it to be perfect. It's the nature  and details of the story that matters.  Every contributor will get a free copy.  ( The deadline for stories is June 2012.)


  1. Hi Althea, I was wondering exactly what does the first symptom, "sensitive to atmosphere" mean?When I was around the age of 3, I had a huge problem with large rooms, such as gymnasiums. Even with other people in them, they were TOO big! That persisted for several years. I was wondering if that possibly stems from being abruptly left alone in the womb, where suddenly there is too much room for a tiny embryo or early fetus.

  2. I don't know if that is quite the same thing. It may be something to do with feeling very small indeed! The womb twin survivor syndrome is extremely complex and varies a lot, simply because the intrauterine experience is so very varied. As for being sensitive I mean that the child senses and reacts to the emotions around, and may start to cry or feel sad because other people are feeling sad. It's as a result of the strong empathy and intuition that womb twin survivors have.