Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The womb twin kids project - You Might be a Womb Twin Survivor If.....

The final book in the Womb Twin Kids series will be for young teenagers, and is called:

"You might be a womb twin survivor if....... "

This books is a series of cartoons, based on the activities of Womb Twin, a small, androgynous character, depicted thus:

There will be about 15  cartoons, which illustrate some of the most common characteristics of womb twin survivors, such as

  • It feels like something is missing
  • I feel driven by musts and shoulds
  • I think about death a lot
  • I feel empty inside

There will also be some explanation of the processes of twinning, together with diagrams showing what can happen when one twin dies.

It is to be hoped that a lighthearted approach to this difficult subject will  make is accessible to younger readers, who may find the adult Womb Twin books a bit too long and complex.

Read more  on the Womb Twin Kids site and order your advance copy today.

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