Saturday, September 03, 2011

MZ womb twin survivors : mirrors and reflections

It can happen that a zygote may split  into  two miror images, creating mirror twins.
Here is a picture of mirror twins as adults. 

Notice  that one twin is taller, the other one more muscular. Identical twins are never truly identical!

Among mirror twins, one is right handed and the other left handed.  One my even have organs displaced to the opposite side, even the heart.  There are variations though, in the degree of mirroring between mirror twins. Its an inexact thing - like  so much in human reproduction where the number of variables is enormous.

Yet the mirror twin, a sure and always available mirror image of oneself, is a beautiful image to be found in song and poetry, as this beautiful  poem shows:

Do you seek out a mirror to yourself? Do you have an obsession with mirrors, or maybe you have an aversion to them.   Do you talk im the mirror for ages, talking over your problems with your mirror image?  Is your mirror image not you but a dear friend?

It has been written that 
....we seek forever that which one's imagination is creating, that which corresponds to one's own image: likeness.  The identity of sameness must be overcome, because it threatens one's own barely emerging separate being with becoming swallowed up again.  Otherness,  on the other hand, is too dangerous, for disagreement or even definition of oneself, would remove the mirroring which one needs in order to belong.  What one looks for from the other is acknowledgement of one's perceptions and one's thoughts and feelings, one's body and of the world one has created as being one's own while yet being within the range of possible experiences of the other.  This creates likeness between self and other while, at the same time, confirming the separate existence of each.
If you constantly seek out a mirror image of yourself in others, and if it upsets you terribly when people do not see the world the same way as you, or even disagree absolutely with your perception of reality, you may be a mirror MZ  womb twin survivor. Only a perfect mirror image of yourself will do - someone who "gets" you absolutely, with absolute empathy, verging on telepathy. With them you are safe, for they just know how you are feeling without you having to explain. Then the Dream of the Womb is fulfilled and your mirror twin is back again.

Faced with  someone who claims to be your friend, but who doesn't REALLY understand, who doesn't seem to listen to what is there in your heart, (so obvious to you that surely they MUST see it) is a terrible  and painful betrayal.  It precipitates you into your Black Hole where your mirror image is no longer there and you are left - alone. 

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