Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Alpha womb twin survivor - the person I should have been?

"The person I should have been"..... the Alpha Survivor who never saw daylight because the Beta twin had to be kept alive somehow?

James Morrison, a very talented musician, writes interesting lyrics about dreams, death, love and unfulfillment.

Here are the lyrics
I'm gonna start again
This world I painted black
Just needs some colour
I'm gonna live my life like the other
Person I should have been

I ain't tapping out, no no no no
To this dark and twisted dream
That's kept me living
I pray to my soul
To keep its fire burning
And when it does
I'm gonna let it shine

I'll make the best of this life I've got left
Got no time for no regrets
Gonna show you just what I can be
The person I should have been

And it might take time, take time
Coz this life has taken it right out of me
I wanna change my perspective of reality
Be a much better version of me
The person I should have been

But I know somewhere inside of me
Is the person I could have been
Be he womb twin survivor or not, our James has neatly described how it is to fight for your Alpha self when your Beta self in the Black Hole drags you back, time after time, until you live like a shrivelled fragment of what you were conceived to become.

Feel that fire burning and let it shine!  If that means a trip down into the Black Hole from time to time, then go there, and realise why you do that - you are looking for your twin.

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