Monday, November 07, 2011

Leonard Cohen : womb twin survivor?

There are many movies about Leonard Cohen,  and in this one he speaks about his sense of spirituality; about a prayer he keeps making to someone or something beyond. He speaks about an endless, un-nameable longing that drives him and his work.  He writes about love, death and salvation, and a lifelong burden..... he speaks of a fundamental loneliness that even his own children cannot assuage...

He talks about  so much that is typical of womb twin survivors. He speaks about a personal level of distress and suffering, bewilderment, and sense of having "screwed up badly."

He is now  a Zen monk. He is honest, open and humble and displays the very best that womb twin survivors have to offer, but the one thing he does not realise is that the loss of his twin is why he hurts so much and this is why he wrote about his "mirror twin." (See my blog about that.

I wish I could tell him.   I'm sure it would help him to find himself at last.

I leave the rest of this blog to him and his words. Do listen to what he says and see him as a womb twin survivor,  for that is what he seems to be.

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