Monday, October 17, 2011

Womb Twin survivors in dance: vanishing twin

The story of the lost twin and the haunting memory of Someone very near, can be expressed in dance.

The whole womb twin story is non-verbal,  the passions are deep and subtle. The bodily movements  can reveal that your prenatal memory is locked into your body, more clearly than into your brain and your memory.

Here is an idea: make your own womb twin dance.  See if you can find a way to express your feelings about your twin with your body, not using any words at all.

I did that once: I bought myself a long turquoise chiffon scarf to represent my twin brother.  I had already a large beige cotton stole, that my son brought back from India.

In my own dance I gently swirled the scarves around me,  the two colours intertwined.  It felt good.  It was part of my own funeral ritual for my twin.  Later, I did a ritual burning of the turquoise scarf, and kept the other.  I still have it, and often think of that day.

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