Thursday, October 13, 2011

Womb twin survivors in flm - Unborn

So they made a film of it.  It was some time ago, but I am so sorry that it had to be a horror film.

The worst line is "By living, you denied it entry into this world."   Not a good thing for any womb twin survivor  to hear. It is the worst nightmare, that you are the cause of your own twin's death.

But the film does tackle some of the more difficult themes, such as feeling haunted by your twin. It also suggests that an exorcism can help.  She has a dibbuk, she says.

Funny that they didn't make so much of the lost twin theme, just the horror? I'll look a bit deeper....

This man hated it:
A young woman discovers her stillborn twin brother's ghost is haunting her in an effort to infiltrate the world of the living but there may be more to the story than just an angry undead twin, something far more ancient lurks in the darkness. Jamby wants to be born now. *groan*
It's sunk without trace, just like the vanished twin. Not surprising really, I suppose.

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