Friday, November 04, 2011

The Bi-polar beast - is this the lost twin in the Dream of the Womb?

I am becoming increasingly convinced that "Bi-polar"  disorder is in fact one of the many psychological manifestions displayed by womb twin survivors,  The main clues are that the sufferer (and this is suffering indeed, for everyone involved)  cycles not just from despair to hope, but from Alpha to Beta.  Two people in one - the man and the Beast.

This story comes via the Bipolar blog:

"The Beast Is Back… Again "

The “beast” is a manifestation of my significant other’s disease: Bipolar 1. The “beast” is what I call his mania. As I sit here in my office writing this, the beast is once again an unwelcome visitor in my home, once again causing my loved one to lock himself in our bedroom to contend with the lunacy in his mind. I always feel so helpless, as there is nothing I can really do when he is like this. I have tried it all at one time or another. All I can do is eat dinner alone and hunker down on the living room sofa with the dogs and wait for this to pass…again….over and over…again and again…his psychiatrist says he is a rapid cycler….hopefully this episode will be a short one. With some luck, he will emerge from the bedroom tomorrow morning, after a night of not sleeping and chain-smoking, totally exhausted and will sleep for two days then be very depressed with suicidal ideations for a few days. Then the man I fell in love with is back… maybe for a few days or a few weeks.
Read the whole story here

Another story from the same site, of a life ruined by BPD:
Now, I am on disability, am on 4 different kinds of meds, and am stabilized to a degree.
Life has been hard. I lost 3/4 of my IRA, still owe $37,000 on my house; which will be paid off in 10 years when I am 62. I struggle to make that payment. I spend about $40 a month on groceries, as I have had to budget very strictly. I do save enough money for my house insurance, taxes, and car insurance and an extra $100 a month for emergency needs. There is no man in my life, as who would want these burdens on his shoulders?
This is a terrible disease. But here is an idea that may help - I wonder if it would help any sufferers to know that this may be an imprint of a great loss, long before birth, and that people with Bi-polar disorder are living out the lives of two people, (themselves and their lost twin) in succession, throughout their lives.

The Womb Twin Hypothesis states:
Womb twin survivors (ie the sole survivors of a twin or multiple pregnancy) seem to spend their lives re-enacting the life and death of their womb twin. Nothing appears to be more important than that, even life itself. Once the real pre-birth scene, which is being constantly re-enacted, is made clear, then the re-enactment tends to diminish or cease altogether, greatly to the benefit of the individual.

Could it help? Shall we suggest it to them? What do you think?

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