Thursday, November 24, 2011

A healing path (4) relationships - unworthiness

If there is one thing that this work demonstrates most clearly, it is that the Dream of the Womb is  kept alive by a series of personal decisions.  These decisions come together into a kind of complex, which neatly describes the feelings that are there in the Dream, yet are acted out in born life.

Take for example a general feeling of "Unworthiness."

Here is a video about a special healing process, and the fact that some people  are keeping themselves apart from the sessions, that potentially could help them.  This person talks about believing that you are "unworthy" and that other people are "more worthy".

This person believes that something in the world is bringing this about - some kind of conditioning, but even so, this is something that some people allow to be true.

A person's belief in their own "Unworthiness"  is based on three false premises:

1. That human beings are not equal, that some are less worthy and some are more worthy

2. That people are easily conditioning into believing bad things about myself

3. That feeling unworthy is an unselfish, even self-less, attitude

The sense of unworthiness is a neat way to occupy the Beta space while  remaining alone and without good strong relationships with people.   A nice way to reenact the Dream of the Womb, leaving you feeling weak and helpless while living a life of self sabotage.

If you are feeling "unworthy,"  look at the false premises above and see if you can prove any of them to be true.

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