Saturday, November 05, 2011

How twins are made : watch it happen!

Watch these eggs, they have much to teach us!

Identical twins come first....

And then the fraternal (dizygotic) twins.....

But what if you are not sure?

These twin sisters never knew if they were identical or not... till they had a DNA test!

Identical twins don't have to be exactly the same. One can be considerably weaker than the other and may not even make it to birth, leaving a lonely MZ womb twin survivor, carrying a lifelong imprint of an important little person, always somewhere near at hand.


  1. everytime i see twins i am so jealous...

  2. I, too, was always jealous and sad when I saw other twins...and confused, too because I didn't know where my twin went, there was no explanation or validation for over fifty years.. and since I found the website, I have received that validation and now I feel more at peace. I hope that happens for all the survivors out there.

  3. It is true that many womb twin survivors are finding a pathway to peace by sharing experiences, learning more and pulling together. We don't have to feel alone and crazy - there are special gifts that only womb twin survivors have. Once we understand that, we can start making a difference - it's happening already in a small way, but it will grow!

  4. I just watched the video about the twin girls and Im so jealous. Something came over me now Im about to cry