Saturday, March 31, 2012

April womb twin survivor stories begin tomorrow

I have been asking for stories written by womb twin survivors and we now have more than thirty.  If you would like to send us your story (as long as you like) do feel free to do so (there is a form below)  The stories are  published on the various womb twin web sites,  and I have included many of them in my books, notably A Silent Cry.

It's a popular book and makes a good start on the healing journey, because it has within it the voices of seventy womb twin survivors.  The stories display the variety of experience that womb twin survivors have.  Womb Twin now gets all the profits from the Amazon sales to support their work.  This has been a real boost to the Womb Twin Fund.

 To read the stories published online so far,  click these links:

The stories page on the Womb Twin site

The stories collection on my Womb Twin Survivors site

Download my story as a pdf

So every day from tomorrow, for the whole of April, I will give you a little story, one of a huge collection sent to me by many wonderful womb twin survivors, who were prepared to share their story  in order to help others.

Thank you VERY MUCH, everyone! 

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