Monday, March 26, 2012

Post-conference workshop, Nov 18th 9.30-6pm

Well. I've finally got it organised - we have created a workshop for womb twin survivors based on family constellation therapy.  My new friend Maria Angster from Budapest has been telling me on Skype all about her work with womb  twin survivors - many of them who didn't realise what was wrong until they "met" their twin in the session.

Here is a description of the workshop.

This is what Maria has to say (in her excellent English!) about family constellations and how they can help womb twin survivors.

Family constellation is based on the observation that the members of an extended family are embedded into a so-called "knowing field". This hidden system contains all the important information about all its members and all the important things that have happened to them even if nobody in the family has a conscious knowledge of them. This information is accessible. Persons who are asked to represent the members of a family in a constellation will, thanks to the so-called representative perception, have bodily sensations, impulses to move, sometimes emotions which will rather accurately reflect the physical, emotional and mental state of the person they are representing.
As Bert Hellinger has observed, there is a so-called systems-consciousness working in the family. If a family member has a difficult fate, then most probably there will be another family member in the soul of who an unconscious vow will be born: if you could not live, or live well, then I will not live, or live well either. Or: I will carry your difficult emotions, or I will punish myself for what you have committed.
It is often found that promises like these are born in the soul of the womb twin survivors as well. Carrying difficult emotions, being physically or mentally ill, having unfulfilling or no relationships, failure in the field of work, being childless may well be the consequences of keeping the promise made to one’s lost twin. These promises, however, can be revealed and resolved in a constellation.

Here is a video of how a constellation can work:

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