Thursday, April 19, 2012

Womb twin story: I never felt alone

Seven years ago, after telling my mother about a twins study, my mother casually told me that she had miscarried while she was about 8 weeks pregnant with me. As a small child I was fascinated by twins. My cousin and I would dress alike.

At the library, I would ask for books about twins (and horses, of course, I was a little girl). I wanted to be a twin, then finally realized it was too late.  Even as an adult I would seek out articles about twins (sometimes my excitement and persistence in my interest has been annoying to those around me!)

I am left-handed. I never felt alone. In fact, I have always felt like there is someone, or someones around me constantly.  I practice conversations in the mirror or in my head. I am interested in spirits, and feel entities around me...

So finally, seven years ago, after reading about a twins researcher who was working with a set of twin doctors, and who discovered he had had a stillborn twin,  I told my mother about the article and she told me about the miscarriage.

Voila! I had been a twin. I don't think my mother ever considered the miscarriage as a twin. I think she thought she had miscarried, but the doctor didn't believe her.

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