Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Womb twin story: I was always being pushed around

I was born to an alcoholic father and a mother not knowing what to do with her own son.  I went through school being the nerd, or fat kid.  Always being teased and pushed around for being different. Throughout my life I was abused until I was ten years old, and my father left us all.  I continued to withdraw from society and family, and still do to this day.   It was not until I started another school in 11th grade that I started to come out of my bubble.  Reason being, I feel to this day, my cousin makes me feel as if he took over the role of my womb twin, we know each other more than most could say they know their own brother.

I have searched my entire life for religion, not knowing what to accept. I look past human emotions and at life in different dimensions. All religions are the same, and they are all wrong. We are here to live, love and learn. We are here to better our souls. I am not sure if I am crazy, if I am completely sane, or if I may be a womb twin survivor and all these thoughts are a figment of my imagination because my mind developed a scenario that I would accept to answer all my problems. But I feel I am more sane than any person I know, and feel that every person is a bit off their wagon, they just do not admit to it.


  1. This sounds to me like the voice of a multiple wombtwin survivor.