Sunday, August 19, 2012

Exploring narcissim in a sympathetic way

These two people have opened up the private world of narcissism in a wonderfully sympathetic and open way. I commend this video to you ( and the rest of their videos and radio programmes.)

Its a hard programme for Steve, who was the narcissist in the relationship but who has found new healing in a marvellous way.

I would appreciate feedback on whether this seems to relate to being a womb twin survivor. I think that both of these lovely people are womb twin survivors.

What do you think?


  1. It's the same video as thursday. Is that meant to be or could it be a mistake??

  2. Yes, I definitely believe this has to do with being a wombtwin survivor. I'm in a relationship right now where the other person flips out and blames me for everything, including things that happened decades before I ever knew them. I might add, this person has severe gender identity issues, but does not believe in the wombtwin survivor theory whatsoever. I guess people believe what they want to. Glad it worked for Steve and his girlfriend. I think she's a survivor as well. We always seem to want to help others, no matter what.