Friday, August 10, 2012

The healing journey for womb twin survivors is one of increasing simplicity. We have to cast off all the extraneous stuff to reveal the real YOU inside.

The simple life is the most powerful life and in the end the healing journey will be the meaning of your life.

This song by Martha Tilson says it all....

I remember how simple simplicity used to be
Before I tried too hard and chased it away.
It would float in, flow through and out of me.
Complication, well I rue the day.

I'm going to get right, right to the heart of it.
I was bigger when I was nothing at all,
Just another pilgrim marching to the sunset,
And it didn't matter if I got there:
It's the journey of it all.

And it didn't matter if I got there
It didn't matter if I got there
It never matters if you get there
It's the journey of it all

Well I'm going to get back now, back to the heart of things.
I knew everything when nothing at all.
Just another pilgrim marching to the sunset,
And it didn't matter if I got there.
There's power in being small.
Do you see your healing journey in this way? If you see it as complicated, then rest assured that there is another stage, perhaps yet to be experienced, that will take you to

A condition of complete simplicity
(Costing not less than everything)

TS Eliot 

For help on the journey there is always my new book, A Healing Path, available November 2012.


  1. I'm yet waiting for (and working to get to) the simplicity but it's my goal!

  2. Being a twin in a world that sees you as a singleton is not easy at all. I struggle daily trying to figure out who I am as one half of a set, and I just have to remind myself that I can just be the best me I can be, and as long as I'm happy with that, no one else's opinion matters. I don't have to fit any certain kind of mold, and this site has helped me so much! Thank you for all the work you do Althea!!