Sunday, September 09, 2012

3D Life in the womb - touching and very funny!

People say we don't remember the womb - they say twins cannot have any awareness of each other -  but watch this ultrasound footage and make your own mind up!

Comments, anyone?


  1. Thank you for finding this and posting it. It somehow opened my eyes to something in my situation I have never seen before. I always wanted somebody to put a hand on my head for comfort. And when I saw the "hair", I realised I must have felt comforted by the placenta touching my head, something that was alive.

  2. Thank you, beautiful, and yes very funny. Technology has developed so much, wish we had all this when I did my Midwifery, would have been so much more interesting, than having to guess and feel what was going on in those big tummies.

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