Friday, September 21, 2012

An end to the data gathering

Well, various circumstances have conspired to bring an end to the data gathering that I have been doing since February 2007.  I had the questionnaire with kwik survery since march of last year and a good number of responses were coming forward. The results sat on the Kwik Survey web site waiting for me to download the reports and I just got on with writing Womb Twin Survivors and ignored them.

On July 25th disaster struck and the site was hacked, the company collapsed and the web site closed down. The data was retrieved at their end,  so I quickly downloaded it while I could still get at it.

Confident that I had my 1000 respondents with proof of their twin  (I was sure of it but I had'nt checked the data)   I left it.

Until yesterday. I spent the last TWO DAYS making some sense of it because it was in an unusual form.  Then an hour ago I gave up because some data is missing and what I have is too unreliable to use. All a wasted effort.

SO. The end of a five-year project. Phew.

I have a unique set of reliable data from 875 respondents with proof of their twin. The statements are still there but I'm not gathering data any more. Time to drill down and see what else we can learn from what we have.

If you like data analysis, have  SPSS and would like to help with the analysis, just let me know. I have had one very kind offer from the Netherlands and we will see what that yeilds.

Here are the statements if you want to explore them....



  1. Althea, what a loss, all that info and data. I do somehow understand the 'Phew' though, and I like the positive attitude and the 'see what else we can learn from what we have.' If I had the time and means I would have offered to help. I am still learning about myself, and every day I try and change the negatives to positives. The Alpha side is becoming easier to handle than the Beta !

  2. Hi Althea, we do a lot of work with the siblings and descendents of the siblings of aborted and miscarried fetuses.

    Hence we would love to see your data, should that be possible, to compare the symptoms and consequences that alert us to this (usually unconscious yet rather common) entanglement.

    I summarized some of our perceptions in an article:

    These symptoms are rather similar to those of people who might call themselves womb twin survivors.

    Martyn Carruthers