Monday, December 10, 2012

Womb twin story - she could not speak about her twin

Am I A Twin??? I first got the feeling that I might be a twin when I had a dream of me and another little girl that looked just like me at around age 2 playing in my childhood bedroom.

I got two names from the dream and one of the names is mine. I kept thinking about that dream over the years and then did a search about twins.

 I am left-handed. I always feel alone even with people around me. I always feel out of place and that I shouldn't be here.

I read a few days ago that if the mother had Toxemia/Pre-Eclampsia while pregnant that it could be a sign of multiples. That was the only problem that my Mom had that I know of.

All I heard about my birth was that my Mom was really sick and both of us almost died. I never asked my Mom or any family members if I was a twin.. I feel like they may think I'm crazy or something. My Mom died in 2004 so I can't ask her now if I wanted to.

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