Sunday, December 16, 2012

Womb Twin story: she recognised the symbolic signposts

I did not realise consciously that I was a twin until late in life (40s) in a process of therapeutic and healing work. I had a eureka moment which followed from a long period of symbolic signposts which I can recognise in retrospect.

All my life people seemed to be taking me for someone else.. "you're just like....;"  "I thought you were .."

 I had a dream of dragging a heavy dead body through a dark, bleak and dangerous landscape towards what seemed like a city of light which I knew we had to reach, but didn't think I'd have the strength to make it. I Awoke before resolution.

Also, in therapy, drew a pic of the womb with me entombed, sort of mummified, with three tube-like outlets draining into a black pool at my feet, like a lake of death.

At the time I thought I was only trying to express my entanglement with death, even in birth, but now I see that the picture also symbolises the presence of my dead twin with me in the womb.

I haven't researched my birth yet, and my mother is now deceased. She never spoke directly of a twin and I'm unsure if she was told. It was a difficult birth. I was obstructed and intervention was required. Labour was premature, I weighed 5 pounds and required some kind of intensive care for a short period I think.

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