Sunday, April 07, 2013

Sceptics meet a womb twin survivor !!

It's a brave person who is prepared to tackle a bunch of sceptics, but a recent interchange I found on a forum the other day, does show that some sceptics can remember their manners and do not get into character assassination when they run out of arguments,  such as the James Randi  lot I came across a couple of years ago!

(Take a look if you are interested in the James Randi thing.  It's breathtaking how ignorant and rude some intelligent people can be!)

Its a refreshing change to hear a discussion on this topic that remains open minded - at least for the most part.

Here is the whole thread

Some of the more ignorant comments

1)  Most online "psychological screening" tests or quizzes to see if you have something or are a likely candidate to have somethings are usually designed to produce a "yes" answer. The people who take them are either doing so for a laugh (the minority) or are really looking for an answer to a nagging question in their life (the majority). Those folks in the majority are more likely to believe something they read online and before they know it they have the symptom or condition or whatever it was the quiz was trying to see if they had.

Seriously? Womb Twin Survivors? That is simply another ridiculous psychological or pseudo-physical condition for people to have. I suspect that a pharmaceutical company will have a pill for this in only a few years...which means they are probably the ones behind this questionnaire and/or "study" in the first place--it is the first stage of marketing, which is to create the need or market for a product.

Why don't "womb twin survivors" view themselves as fighters and winners? Why do they have to have problems? They won! That is something to celebrate, not bemaon the "loss" of a "twin" who might never have existed in the first place. *sigh*

 2)  I was going to ask if thinking that this is utter bullshit was a sign that you're not a lone twin, but you covered it a lot better than my smartass comment.

Honestly, this reminds me of astrology. People like to think that there is a *special* reason for their perfectly normal feelings of alienation and existential angst, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depend on how full your glass is) this is just part of What It Means to Be Human.

Show me a scientific basis for this, and I might change my smartass opinion. Until then, I'll point out all the images I can see in the clouds.

3) I took the second test and found it really vague. There was even a question that forced me to pick an answer slanted toward the twin thing with a no 'none of the above' choice. Based on the leading questions, I would say definitely no for me, if such a condition exists.

You see? Not bad at all. But the womb twin survivor successfully held on to the story, and it all went quiet eventually.  I encourage any of you, who would like to observe this group of narcissistic know-it-alls reveal their complete ignorance of prenatal psychology, to join the forum and continue the discussion  - it may be fun to have 10 womb twin survivors joining in and reminding these sceptics that there is plenty of scientific proof, most of which is on my web site or in my book "Womb twin survivors."

300 references and everything the sceptics need to know!
Go on - you know you want to!!! It doesn't always have to be me taking about this - let's join our voices together and spread the word wherever we can!

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