Thursday, August 15, 2013

Story 15: I was convinced I had a sister somewhere

I was convinced as a child that I had a sister and she was away living with another family in another world.
I have spent my whole life studying mental health and all kinds of new age therapies and reading books, but never seem to feel I have found what my life is for. While my children have brought me great joy and I see mysf as a very good and nurturing parent, I have suffered exploitation and bullying in work as a nurse then an academic so that I became too ill to work, first with a severe lung disease and then with a clinical depression.

This work has jolted some memories especially of an imaginary friend when I was very young as well as a sister I was convinced I had who lived on another country somewhere ( I have two brothers, no sisters). I was born in 1961, many weeks premature and at risk for several weeks.


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