Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Story 7 : There is no evidence of my twin but......

I have no proof of my twin but there are signs...

I feel guilty if I cant make someone stop feeling down or upset. I didn't know I was dyslexic until the third grade. I found out on a dare.
Also, my right side is stronger and more inconsistent while my left is extremely consistent.

My dad was my softball coach when I was younger. He would tell me which side of the plate to stand on when it was my turn at bat because if I batted right handed and actually made contact with the ball, it would go over the fence and score runs, but if I batted left-handed, I could get on base every time.

I have one child who is the survivor of VTS. I have told her, but she never acknowledged it.

Oddly, the nickname she chose for herself (Kat) is very close to the name I had picked for the missing twin (Katherine) and nothing close to her own name. I often wonder if I gave the survivor the name of her missing sister.

My other child may also be, but it was never confirmed.

I have many different types of pets ranging from mammals and fish to reptiles and birds. I have been looking to make "that connection" with another living thing, but never seem to be able to connect in the "right way."

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