Thursday, August 08, 2013

Story 8: I have always felt like a twin

I'm 17 and I had always had a great interest in the idea of twins and being a twin, the whole thing just seemed to fascinate me in a way. In addition to this I'd always felt that somehow I may have indeed been a twin at one point in my life but I've never voiced this concern to anyone out of fear of a negative reaction. 
However it's always been something that's on my mind.

On top of this I'd always felt that there was something wrong with me inside, and I'd kind of just assumed that I'd never be able to have children when everyone around me started their periods and I didn't.

I went to the doctors plenty of times but to no avail until this time last year they did an ultrasound and discovered a massive dermoid cyst pushing on one of my ovaries. In the end they had to remove the ovary and the cyst. It being a dermoid cyst, they found various hair, nail and skin particles as well as bones and teeth inside of it.

I'd never considered this to be my twin until a few days ago when I decided to do some research on the topic and found that it's been a subject of debate over the years. However this all seems to make sense to me now and I somehow know that I was originally supposed to be a twin but something went wrong along the way.

More about signs of a lost twin in this book

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