Monday, April 21, 2014

2020 - the year of the twin. How about that?

 In an article about twinless twins, Althea writes:
My research appears to validate a finding [4] by Joan Woodward, founder of the Lone Twin network [5]. She found that the loss experienced by the survivor when their twin died near birth or during pregnancy was experienced with no less intensity than by twins whose co-twin died much later in life. This finding appeared to go against common sense and therefore remained un-examined in her book "The Lone Twin." [6] Recent research is beginning to validate it.
 The various twin-less twins groups around the world also cater for some womb twin survivors, because we all have a similar psychological reaction. We should all get together,

How about starting a campaign  to make 2020 into the YEAR OF THE TWIN and get everyone together?

Who would be interested in taking this forward?

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  1. i would love to get together with other survivors. if only there was a place near Bakersfield Ca.