Monday, March 14, 2011

The narcissistic womb twin survivor (6) entitlement

The sixth characteristic of identical womb twin survivors and also of narcissism, is a sense of entitlement.

If you ever needed convincing that narcissism is a reenactment of a series of prebirth events, then this is it.

Lets consider what that sense of " entitlement" means in practice. It means that one demands the right to do what one wishes, havge what one wants and be allowed freedom of movement and action. Observe the  narcissistic person in traffic, and see the rage at benig obstructed by another vehicle moving slowly or not movong way sufficiently speedily from the traffic lights. Notice the narcissisitic child, who flouts rules, restrictions and al forms of limitation to his or her freedom of will.

So let us imagine the feeling of being "only half ", which is the first experience of the identical twin. Then the initial survival struggle,which is more or less intense, depending on the relative weakness and  total lifespan of the Beta twin.Finally the sense of being  alone, free, the inheritor of all.

If it is true that womb twin survivors spend their lives reenacting their Dream of Womb, then the life of the  MZ womb twin survivor will follow the womb story of two MZ twins who were together for a while but one was left alone, the inheritor of all.

The womb story would include the initial sense of being half, and a survival struggle, which would be more or less intense, depending on the relative weakness and total lifespan of the Beta twin. Finally, the sense of being the inheritor of all, with total freedom of movement and all the food and oxygen that was once shared.

In born life, to keep the Dream alive, the narcissistic person's will must remain unfetttered, regardless of how tactless or inappopriate it may be.  Sadly, what applied in the womb does not apply in born life, where rights must be matched by responsibilities towards others.  As a result narcissistic behaviour is universally condemned. But that also suits the secret purposes  of the identical womb  twin survivor, who  lives with a perpetual sense of shame and guilt at being alive. The condemnation feels appropriate in the circumstances and is often triggered by totally unreasonable and self defeating behaviour to make matters worse.

There is much more to say on this, but I will leave Narcissus for a while and take a close look at Gemini. Tomorrow I will begin a six part series of blogs about the dizygotic ( fraternal) womb twin survivor, whose story is completely different, biologically, psychologically and spiritually.

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