Thursday, June 23, 2011

The high oestrogen male

When a man is over weight, he has soft contours, a rounded stomach and his muscles are not visible. He seems to be feminised.

If he loses weight he then reclaims his male energy and his masculine, muscular frame is now visible. He is now fully male.

You would think that the journey to reclaim  your own natural masculinity would be an easy one, but it is not.   I suggest that the high oestrogen male has extra oestrogens because he is a womb twin survivor who once had a sister and the connected placentas allowed the transfer of oestrogen into his body.  The oestrogen is part of him but does not naturally belong to him.  It was given by his sister.

To let go of the extra weight that is the physical manifestation of that female energy (the only residue of his lost twin in fact) is very painful and hard: see this video for a glimpse into that pain....

Is it possible that high oestrogen males are all womb twin survivors? Would it help them to know that? What do you think?

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