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Books for womb twin survivors: the healing path e-book

In 2005 I had more and more people coming to the web site and completing various versions of the questionnaire.   I was struggling to find the right statements that would describe how most womb twin survivors feel and I was making progress, having made several versions since 2003. But as the research continued and  people started to ask for help.

I had set out healing steps on the earlier versions of my web site,  and I began to wonder if I may attempt to write a book about healing.  It would not be definitive , as I was still in the early stages of research, but it would be the best I could do at the time.  In any case it would be the only book that I was able to find at the time that set out healing steps and self development exercises for a womb twin survivor.

It happened that over the winter of 2004/5 that I had a house guest who stayed for 4 months. I was able to bounce ideas off her and talk it all over, and with her help I finally created a PDF of the 30 healing steps.

I had come across Graham Irwin, of Compassion in Business.  He has a felowship of authors and artists, he sounded like a good person and he lives near me, so that helped.  He had already published Womb Twin survivors - an introduction, which is available now with several other documents as a free downloadable PDF.

So he published it, and it has remained available ever since. 

It can be downloaded here:


When Althea asked me to review her e-book A Healing Path, I readily accepted because I found it to be an immensely useful tool on my healing journey. I am thankful for Althea’s intuition which led to her sending me the book by E-mail. She must have sensed my readiness to go through the process. I knew in myself that when the book came the timing was perfect. At the time, about 2 months ago now, I was in a state of agitation that accompanies a sense of wanting to heal so much, and knowing that I was ready, but not being sure what the next step was. I found that next step in A Healing Path.

I read through the whole 32 pages to familiarise myself with the journey, and then I began to work through the pages, doing the exercises briefly as I went. I would have intense days of covering a lot of the book and then needed a few days to digest and sit with all my feelings that were coming up. I found Althea’s style of writing very concise and easy to follow and the tone blunt at times but full of understanding and wisdom.

My wise inner voice recognised the truth in her words and encouraged me to accept the illusions I had been under, and persevere with the process. All the while I had a sense of how liberating this process could be, despite the inevitable moments of fear at what the relief might feel like. I must say that the desire to follow the process through to the end will need to be strong in order to come out and feel the huge difference and the lightness of being that is possible for all of us wombtwin survivors when we have truly let go of “The Dream of the Womb”. Althea is honest about this too in the book, and my advice would be to trust that your pace will be right for you.

During the process of working through A Healing Path I was able to uncover the truth about my twin, with the help of a kinaesiologist: that I had an identical sister (as Althea had intuitively suggested to me in an e-mail), and that I was also holding the energy of an older brother from an earlier miscarriage of my mother’s. This clarity was crucial for me to be able to proceed to the very powerful ritual of letting my twin go, (Step 21) a kind of funeral for Amelie.

The whole ritual of letting go I found to be the most important aspect of the process for me and was probably the stage I was really needing to go through; I thought I had already let go of my twin until I went through this step of the journey. I had a beautiful, moving day. What followed this part of the healing path has been profound. I am beginning to understand and know myself as an individual, which feels very light and exciting, and I have a real sense of purpose that came on quite suddenly as Althea suggested it would! I no longer feel the constant underlying yearning for someone who is not on this realm - for something as impossible as the Dream.

The section of the book following the ritual of letting go is very important because with this freedom from the oppressive Dream comes a need to direct all this positive, hopeful energy, rather than become overwhelmed by it all. I found that as a wombtwin survivor who had already done a lot of work on my healing, Althea’s book helped me to release the Dream finally, yet I can see how practical it would be for someone coming to it at any stage of the path, even those who are not sure that they had a twin in utero. I can highly recommend people who relate to the idea of being a wombtwin, at all stages of seeking healing relief, to give this invaluable e-book a go.

October 2005

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