Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Narcissus: bullying - a way of restoring the original twin bond

The monozygotic twin bond is closer, more enduring and more emotionally loaded than any other kind of relationship.  But when we think of Narcissus as a womb twin survivor,  we see someone who is bonded for life to his twin,  so he will seek his twin in others, and attempt to replicate the original bond.

But in the Dream is a weaker, more vulnerable version of himself. So in the reenactment of their dream, the Alpha womb twin survivor seeks out weaker and more vulnerable versions of himself.  This is how he may become a bully, for his need is paradoxical - he seeks out a vulnerable little person.  But he wishes that other person to be equally strong - as strong as he is.  Only then may the original twin bond be restored - the twin bond that was there long ago, before the Beta twin died.

Let us think about bullying in the playground and see if there is anything that may connect this to womb twin survivors.

The usual bullying scenario is that some vulnerable child is picked on constantly by a bigger, stronger child, or a group of children... ( Notice how this young person, silenced by the bullies, has no voice. She has to write her thoughts on a card for us to read.......)

Bullies get a very bad press, and seemingly there is little victims can do, they feel helpless and just want to just leave the situation.... (see here)
Take a look at yourself: What attracts you to someone who is sure they’re important, they’re right and your life would be better if you do what they say or if you serve them?  Kind-hearted therapy-junkies in families or in the workplace think they can convert these selfish, self-absorbed bullies by loving them enough, by appeasing them or by educating them. Forget it.
But think now - what if bullying is a form of silent communication from  perpetrator to victim?

What if the feelings of helplessness and  weakness experienced by the victim are in fact the bully's inner feelings, silently transmitted?

If the bully is a narcissist, then deep inside is that sense if weakness and helplessness that in fact are characteristic of their Beta twin.  They fear inadequacy but they can make someone else feel  inadequate, and that is the basic meaning of bullying.

What is the victim is a womb twin survivor living out of their own Beta space? What better target for a bully than a person who is keeping ther own dream alive in that way?

Notice how fast bullying ends when the victim contacts their own Alpha power and  rounds upon the bully.

Then the power balance is restored, and the bully can relax.  In a strange way, the bully has healed the victim, dragging then out of their Beta space into their Alpha power. But the bully does not  stop, but finds another victim, lost in their own Beta space, to torture into aggressive response........

Then the results can be fatal. Bullied to death - for the bully, that means their Dream of the Womb is fully realised - their Beta twin is dead because they were simply overpowered.

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