Friday, November 11, 2011

Twins play in the womb and after birth - do we remember the womb?

People say we don't remember the womb : watch this

I may write a dozen books on this subject, but few people will read them, make utube videos and people will simply jeer at them; talk on radio and TV and have people switch off; speak at conferences and no one will listen. We are at risk of vanishing in silence just like all the vanished twins that we seek to represent, if we do not speak out, however we can, wherever we can.

The sceptics are sceptical because they are afraid of being wrong. This sounds far too outlandish for any sensible person trained (? indoctrinated ?) into the ways of so-called "Critical Thinking". The perceived need for such thinking may also be a delusion, for we need no "critical" thinking to see what is obvious and all about us, hidden in plain sight. 

The trouble with this project is that it is a bit too new.  Being a pioneer of ideas means that you have to contend with the people who insist on always being right and allowing no new knowledge other than where there is "scientific proof."  The long tedious process of creating proof has taken a great deal of my time - to little effect, I may say, as no one is yet convinced -  and has distracted me from my principal task, which is to listen to womb twin survivors and let them help me help others.

But in the meantime, my clever womb twin survivor friends have their eye on the ball, and are asking me the most important questions. Here is one:
1.  Question:  If 12% of all natural conceptions are multiple, and 76% of those multiple conceptions are lost completely before birth, with 2% born alive in a twin pair and 12% born as singletons, then have they/do they impact history as a special group?  In what way?   Just how have the lost twins impacted society over time?  Always a minority of the population in terms of occurrence, how does the group affect history?

What I'm wondering about is, let's say 600 million womb twin survivors in the world happened to be green.

  • If we saw them from a bird's eye view of the earth, would we be struck by anything significant or particular about this group?
  • About what they were doing or where they were living?
  • About how they were impacting history in any particular way?
  • Do they act as a group in any way?
  • Are they subconsciously treated as a minority group in any way by the rest of the world?  This is a large enough group of people, sharing a unique experience, to have an impact on the world.
  • What is it?
  • Is it anything at all?
Doesn't it seem odd that a consistent percentage of the population over time, would have a unique experience and be hidden in plain sight, and not have an impact on the world?
My answer was that they are not green, they are invisible. They cannot be seen because they are muddled in and lost in the wide variety of human experience. 

We need to cloak ourselves in the golden light of Alpha energy. Then we will be seen.  I have noticed that I used to be an ordinary, invisible housewife, but now I am Althea, the womb twin survivor who started Womb Twin.  I am not invisible any more: at least some people listen when I talk, as long as they too are womb twin survivors!

When a few thousand more people like me put on their golden cloaks of Alpha energy, then we will be visible at last, a force to be reckoned with.   No spurious exercise in Critical Thinking will cancel us out then!

Our great gifts of empathy and intuition will be available to the world. Perhaps then, we may get the chance to change history. So let's get to it....


  1. but i think that we WTS had very much impact on history as followers...followers to humane ideals such as followers of Jesus Christ or Martin Luther...
    we searched for Alphas energy in those people and fulfilled our longing for empathy...
    so we didn´t impact the world directly but indirectly by a front man...
    does that make any sense?

  2. Indeed we are impacting the world through our collective energy and our collective experience...much like the people who say they have had a near-death experience, and all the scientific people scoff at them and try to explain away the experience they all share. It has been noted that all those people see the same "bright light", regardless of their religious beliefs and cultural upbringing..the same can be said for us as wombtwin survivors who share uncanny similarities. That can't be a product of our imaginations! Too many of us have the same experiences and deep empathies for others for it to be simply explained away with some scientific hypothesis. We know who we are and we must stand together and help other survivors to come out of the darkness, whether the skeptics believe us or not.