Thursday, December 08, 2011

A healing path (7) What are YOU holding on to?

In order for the healing to be complete, you have to let go.  This means not only letting go of your womb twin but also letting go of everything in your Dream.

As you explore the possibilities within your Dream,  you will see how you have been keeping it alive.  For instance, the original lack of connectedness with your twin for example may have become displaced onto a lack of connectedness with your close family or your partner.  Are you holding on to the lack of connectedness which is preventing you from connecting to  people and keeping you in islation?

The past will only haunt us if we have not forgiven ourselves for  keeping the pain alive.  We can let go of the past and let the future take care of itself, once we have decided that we cannot control events.  We have the wonderful Alpha energy that all womb twin survivors have to see us through.  We will survive.

If we let go of the Beta energy that lies in the Dream, and awaken to our Alpha selves, we  will never need to go back to the helpless and hopeless state of being that lies in the Black Hole.
  • Every day we need  to remind ourselves that we have chosen life over death.
  • Every time we fall into the Black Hole we  are holding on to the Beta energy.
  • Let go;  let things be as they may.
I leave the last words of this review of the new book A Healing Path for Womb Twin Survivors to Kate: [see here]

In honour of this special bond
That we shall always share,
I cast this ring upon the sea
To show how much I care.
If you should fly away today
And take your spirit high
I'll know deep down inside my heart
That to rest our love must lie
You left so long ago my friend
My love, my twin to be
And yet it's just today God gave
Me strength to set you free.
It's time for me to say goodbye
To the memory I hold
To face this life alone at last
I pray God make me bold
To take the gift of life you gave
And make it rightly mine
Fulfil your wish for me to live
My truth that I may shine
Thank you love for lessons taught
And time so brief with thee
I put you now in rightful place
And let us at peace be.
by Kate


  1. This comment is really a continuation from a comment that was made on yesterdays blog. I responded to a person who has a lot of pain from making a lot of mistakes and trying to do a lot of good deeds afterward, but is still being tortured by the pain they believe they caused to others. This could have been written by me, it is so spot-on. To this dear person, I want him or her to know that the fact that they feel so much pain proves that they are a decent and caring individual. So many people cause pain and upheaval wherever they go and could care less what others feel. This lovely sensitive person feels so deeply that they are tortured about what they may or may not have done. I, too, have felt EXACTLY like that! I wish I knew where you lived so I could give you the biggest hug, to let you know you are a WONDERFUL, KIND, LOVING person who DESERVES GOOD THINGS!!!! Maybe nobody else has tried to make that point to you....I needed somebody desperately to say it to me....but fortunately, I came to the realization myself not too long ago that I, too am a good person who had unfortunate things happen to me that were out of my control and I still blamed myself for decades... well, NO MORE!!! And I say to you, dear friend, the time has come to love yourself and know that you have tried your best and guaranteed there are people out there, your friends and family, who KNOW you are a good person, but maybe they have not verbalized that to I will. I don't know you but I love you...and I wish you only the best from here on out...please write back on this blog and let me know how you are doing....I genuinely care about you and so do all your fellow survivors. We are a Family.

  2. Dear fellow survivor,

    i read your comments over and over again...i was electrified by your words...and i felt the desperately need to get close to you as close as possible...even though i do not know who you are...(i am the one with three dots:...)
    sounds like an old story from the womb, huh?
    there is such a longing inside of me...a longing that your words could be true and could mean me...i am so sorry but it is hard to believe ...i always think he/she (?) does not mean me...if he/she really knows me, he/she would not say that...
    but maybe one day i can feel and believe it...
    i thank you again for your kindness...

    Althea, i try my best to let let things happen and be as they are...but i suffer from my own strong emotions that are the results of certain situations like goodbyes, abandonment and rejection...
    if someone rejects or disappoints me, i turn myself against me...and feel that this is what i deserve...
    i KNOW that this is survivor guilt and that i am allowed to be alive but i cannot FEEL relief in my heart...

  3. To "Anonymous" who cannot feel relief in your heart yet; you may find that this will help you. I was amazed at how effortlessly I let go of lack of self-forgiveness & other "historical" emotions. Check out
    Good luck,