Friday, April 20, 2012

Womb twin story: two tales

1) Several years ago I told my aunt that I always felt I should have had a twin brother.  She told me to speak to my mother. My mother described how, when I was born, the midwife said that there had been two babies conceived but that only one had survived. I lead a largely happy life but deep down I feel a loss which I have never been able to fulfil. I am a very logical person but I know this feeling of loss is the absence of my twin. I woke tonight with this feeling and Googled this for the first time and found this website. I could weep. Thank you.

2) I am 17 and I am left handed. When my mom went for her first pregnancy check-up they said she was going to have twins (because the size of her cervix and something else, I don't remember) Well, by her first ultrasound there were no twins, just me.  My mom jokes that I “ate my twin”, it is a myth that left-handed people eat their twins (well, absorb them).  I know that I didn’t eat it but I know that I am the only one who survived.   Someone asked me if I’ve always felt like something was missing, and I often do. Like a piece of my soul is missing, sounds weird, I know.

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