Friday, February 28, 2014

Homosexuality begins in the womb....

Homosexuality begins in the womb…
After ten years of research into the physiology and psychology of womb twin survivors, I have come to the astonishing conclusion that all homosexual individuals are womb twin survivors. That is to say, it would appear that in each case their homosexuality is connected in some way to the life and death of their womb twin. This article will explore the various different manifestations of homosexuality. In ech case I will attempt to explain homosexuality in terms of a particular prenatal story: the presence and eventual absence of a womb twin (or more than one.)
The womb twin survivor spends his or her life in a perpetual search for their womb twin. That, I have come to believe, is the reason for the homosexual relationship that develops. The homosexual partner is the surrogate twin.


  1. This is an excellent article and it describes perfectly what has been going on with me for decades. I'm sure it will shed light on situations for other survivors. Thank you for printing it.

  2. If so, to encourage homosexuals to marry wouldn't mean to do them a favour

  3. I dont think we are encouraging them - they want it to be provided as an option. When the AIDS epidemic was first experienced here, there was a general feeling that homosexual men in particular were responsible for the epidemic, because they were so promiscuous. Same sex partnerships discouraged promiscuity, so the powers that be were in favour. That was encouragement, but there does seem to be a pent- up need to be free to send life with a partner of the same sex and for no one to think it weird. I have a friend, who after any decades of loneliness has found her partner, her soul mate. She is very happy with her and they are happy together, its great to see. Its a soul union, not a sexual one. Just like twins......