Monday, April 14, 2014

Koko is here!

Here is KOKO, the imaginary friend... as a special workbook for young womb twin survivors

In the very beginning there was Someone with me who was there but not there, like an invisible friend. The Someone seemed to make a big hole inside me and I didn’t understand. I felt very sad.

When I came into the world I wanted Mummy to be my Someone, but she was too squashy and big. I thought my Daddy could be my Someone but he was too spiky and noisy.  Then I chose Teddy to be my Someone and he let me cuddle him all day, which was fine.  The hole inside me got a little bit smaller when Teddy was there, but it still wasn’t filled up.

But Teddy didn’t talk to me, so I looked in the mirror and there was another me, and the other Me could be my Someone.

When I got bigger I asked my friend to be my Someone.  It was good!  We I could talk to my friend and we could play together, but the hole inside me was still there.  I knew there was a Someone, but it was an invisible Someone.

So I took my invisible Someone in the car with me. Daddy made a special place next to me where my
Then one day I suddenly knew that my Someone's name was Koko.

I took Koko to the park with me and we went on the swings.  Koko swung the highest.  Koko was with me in my bed every night when I was sleeping, so I wasn’t alone.  Koko came to school with me in my pocket but the teachers never knew.  Koko was my very special secret Someone and when I thought about it the hole inside got smaller.

It was good to have as my secret friend. When I played I was never alone. When I was in the bath I was never alone. When I was in bed and it was dark I wasn’t afraid because Koko was with me.

Then I got really busy with lots of things to do and I often forgot about Koko, so I made myself a little Koko friend to put in my pocket to remind me.  My Koko was made out of all kinds of things - love and memories.

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