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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The fraternal womb twin survivor (6). A twin soul

Probably for want of another explanation, the idea of a twin soul - an important component of romantic love- has been associated with metaphysics and such things as karma, energy alignment and the Inner Child.

Yet there may be a more prosaic answer to why some people spend years searching for their twin soul. Of course they never manage to find him or her, and make and break a series of loving relationships in the course of their search, creating heartbreak again and again, as they continue.

What if the search for a twin soul in indeed the search for one's lost twin, who exists only in the survivor's Dream of the Womb and cannot therefore be found in born life? A lifelong, fruitless search for the unattainable twin relationship, accompanied by plenty of heartbreak, would be a pretty suitable way to reenact the Dream of the Womb where a fraternal twin was once out there somewhere but, after a brief interval, was gone.

Some of the poetry about twin souls mentions a place far away where the twin souls were once united - this sounds exactly  like the Dream of the Womb to me.

When we are apart, I lie awake at night
making love to the space between us
your fingertips are tracing my tongue
I draw you into my dreams
the sky folds around us
the stars feel like rain
and from so far away
you look like a tiny grain of sand
but you feel like the ocean
you remind me of the home I knew
before I knew I'd left it.

by Teri Robnett

We need  to take a closer look at the way we seek out other people for intimate twin/twin relationships. Many unaware womb twin survivors in the population are acting out their Dream of the Womb on each other in a cruel Dance of Death  that always ends in lonliness and heartbreak. Perhaps with a new understanding of the lost twin in the Dream of the Womb, we may be able to prevent the dysfunctional relationships created by womb twin survivors who seek out their lost twin in each other.

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