Monday, March 07, 2011

Homosexuality and womb twin survivors

When identical twins differ in their sexual orientation, this makes for an interesting exchange of views, as this Hub page demonstrates:

Two identical brothers, one gay, one straight, argue the issue of same-sex marriage.
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But  the whole argument is based on several false premises
  1.  That all monozygotic twins are genetically identical  - WRONG
  2.  That a twin pair is, and has always been, just a twin pair   - WRONG
  3.  That same-sex marriage is do to with sexuality and adult feelings - WRONG.
We need to think again:

1. Even in the first split of the single zygote there can be inequalities or  anomalies ( see mirror twins, Turners syndrome)

2. As I explained in a previous post when we see a twin pair we may be seeing a reduced multiple set, or triplets or even quads

3. The desire for a same sex marriage is a pre-birth story on both sides,  of two womb twin survivors who are trying to reinstate their missing twin. Where each is the sole survivor of a triplet set, they may even want to have children to  completely restore their Dream of the Womb.   It gets complicated. Ask anyone in a codependent relationship about their desire for a Twin Soul.)

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